100 30 day challenges


Welcome to my 100 30 day challenge. I thought this would be a great post for the summer. I am going to list 100 30 day challenges that you can do. Some are super easy and some not so much.

Pick one. Pick a few or do all of them. Let’s have some fun with this and see what challenges you picked and see what you liked or didn’t like.  Leave your comments below and share my post so more people can participate.  Or maybe you have an idea that I didn’t list here.  So here goes nothing…


1. Make a list of what you are thankful for.

2. Take a walk.

3. Take a selfie.

4. Do 15 minutes of Cardio.

5. Complete 30 sit-ups by day 30.

6. Call a different friend or family member everyday.

7. Give up your cell phone for an hour a day.

8. Give up Facebook for 30 days.

9. Give up Instagram for 30 days.

10. Don’t text people, call them.

12. Watch an old show.

13. Give up alcohol.

14. Don’t order out.

15. Don’t smoke.

16. Don’t Vape.

17. Don’t drink coffee or tea.

18. Give up soda.

19. Don’t snack.

20. Eat breakfast.

21. Listen to music you haven’t listened to in  a while.

22. Take up a new hobby.

23. Go to the gym.

24. Eat healthy.

25. Give up sweets.

26. No social media.

27. Take care of you.

28. De-clutter your home.

29. Start reading a book you want to read.

30. Drink water only.

31. Start a blog.

32. Volunteer somewhere.

33. Live by an inspiring quote.

34. Face a new fear everyday.

35. Ride your bike to work.

36. Get 8-9 hours of sleep per night.

37. Don’t talk negative about people.

38. Take your lunch to work.

39. Have a positive outlook on life.

40. Foster a cat or dog.

41. Learn how to paint.

42. Learn how to draw.

42. Tell people you are close to, why they are important to you.

43. Work your way up to 30 push-ups.

44. Meditate

45. Do something everyday that brings you joy.

46. Do good deeds.

47. Learn photography.

48. Don’t complain.

49. Live in the moment.

50. Write a poem each day.

51. Don’t purchase anything for a month.

52. Train for a 3k or 5k

53. Watch the sunset.

54. Watch the sunrise.

55. Go hiking.

56. Say hi to passing strangers.

57. Give up your worst habit.

58. Give up Netflix.

59. Don’t watch TV.

60. Wear a new outfit each day.

61. Read a poem each day.

62. Become a morning person

63. Paint or draw a picture a day.

64. Plant a flower a day.

65. Create a bucket list

66. Start a side business.

67. Donate a little bit of money to charity.

68. Keep a journal.

69. Take public transportation.

70. Pick 1 item a day to donate to charity.

71. Learn a new language.

72. Write a book.

73. Surprise your spouse.

74. Don’t wear makeup.

75. Do your hair.

76. Start to run.

77. Go to yoga.

78. Find a job you love.

79. Give someone a hug.

80. Buy someone’s coffee.

81. Save money.

82. Learn how to knit.

83. Dance.

84. Do 100 squats a day.

85. Practice good posture.

86. Brush your teeth twice a day.

87. Floss daily.

88. Carpool.

89. Take a vitamin

90. Cook a new meal every day.

91. Eat vegetarian or vegan.

92. Stop cursing.

93. Love yourself.

94. Make your bed.

95. No sex.

96. Plan all your meals.

97. Don’t use your credit cards.

98. Make something.

99. Read the Bible.

100. Spend time in nature.

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Thank you again for reading this post and I can’t wait to see all the comments.



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