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I broke my foot. Yep. I can’t believe what started as a bit of an ache in my left foot turned into a complete break of my 2nd metatarsal! I’m sharing the progression of events from running one day to limping the next on the Run Eat Repeat Podcast because it’s kind of a long story for a video. But I did want to update you on the walking boot and supplements I’m using and share some of my thoughts on my current injured state.

Watch the video on my Broken Foot Update and the Walking Boot & Supplements I’m using right now. And listen to the next episode of the Run Eat Repeat Podcast for how it happened and all the doctors appointments and things I did before I finally got the right diagnosis.

I put together a list of the things I’m using and some items I’m researching for my broken foot. Check out the Amazon Idea List – Foot Injury Must Haves here. And if you’re injured please check with your doctor before trying anything suggested here. Every body is different and you gotta do what’s best for you.

Broke Foot Gear Recommendations

When my foot really started to hurt on a run I immediately started to ice it, elevate it and took an anti-inflammatory. So this list of Foot Injury Must Haves includes an ice pack and leg elevation pillow. You can also use a bag of frozen peas but I was using them over and over and they broke at one point. Ha!

Oddly? … I already owned that big wedge pillow because I’m a weirdo and a back sleeper. I love it and use it all the time.

When I thought it was tendonitis I transitioned to Epsom salt foot baths. There’s a foot soak tub and epsom salts on the list.

And when it went from a lil discomfort to it’s hurts to put any weight on it and I can’t walk… I got a walking boot.

But the diagnosis was still tendonitis so I wasn’t wearing the boot at that point.

Finally, when I got an MRI and found out it’s not just a stress fracture, but a complete break in the 2nd metatarsal… I started to wear the walking boot.

And I spent time researching the best lightweight, easy to use walking boot… hoping it would make walking and approved exercise easier. So I ordered a second walking boot, shoe leveler and a recovery shoe.

When I found out it was really broken and I’d be unable to run and confined to a boot for 6 to 8 weeks I went a lil crazy ordering ALL OF THE THINGS that might help me survive. I got supplements that are supposed to help heal and regrow bone faster. I’m considering a bone stimulation machine!

So I have the knee scooter and the iWalk crutch, an extra shoe and a few other things that I haven’t tried yet and might not need after-all. I thought I’d need crutches and I don’t, so I’m returning the iWalk crutch because it’s meant to be used in place of crutches.

The knee scooter might be useful for getting around, walking my dog and possibly doing something with my niece that requires a lot of walking. I’m still trying to figure out if the new walking boot is good as is or if I need the scooter too.

But if you have used these items and want to chime in with your thoughts so others can benefit from your experience please do. Injuries suck. Let’s stick together and help each-other out however we can.

All of the items I’m using, mentioned or am considering are in my Amazon Idea List – Foot Injury Must Haves 

running injury guide

Let me know if you’ve had a broken foot or stress fracture and if you have any tips or suggestions on a speedy recovery!

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Always consult your doctor(s) before trying anything new. If you suspect you have a health related issue please get proper medical care as this information is not meant to diagnose, treat or take the place of your own health care.

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