My lil Brother’s High School Graduation Party and Great Mexican Food


Hello! This weekend was my little brother’s high school graduation party!! So I want to share some of the highlights because my mom made super easy and cute centerpieces and had a table decorated with his school photos. Everything came out great and it was fun!

The party was at La Barca Grill and Cantina – a Mexican restaurant in Downey, CA. I hadn’t been there before. My parents were going to have the party at their house but had to change it up because they’re working on the yard. Luckily this place was fairly close to home and has a room you can rent for parties. Boom.

For reference (and because I’m always curious where things are in relation to a point I may know) here’s a map of where Downey is located with a few other points of interest:

Party Points of Interest Map Downey CA

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We got there early and decorated a bit. I gave my mom some ideas for the centerpieces but she put them together. I liked the idea of using his graduation picture because we’re celebrating him and it was a good picture!

To make the centerpieces you need: glass vase cylinder, colorful shredded paper, sticks, construction paper, photos [plus scissors and glue to cut and paste the photos].

On the stick: Make the flags with the class year/name. Put the photo on construction paper. Make the congrats message.

We put them together at the restaurant but you can do it before and transport them carefully.

Graduation Party centerpiece idea (1)

The gift table was decorated with a big poster board that had his school picture from every year from kindergarten through 8th grade. We also put up his diploma (it makes for a great decoration too), photos from his activities, balloons, colorful napkins and a box for cards. The card box was labeled so people knew what it was for.

Graduation Party decoration pictures

My dad got a DJ but it didn’t turn into that kinda party. I did love his stickers though! Eat Sleep skratch Repeat… where’s the RUN?!


Aaaaand because it was a Saturday… and we’re Mexican… and margaritas exist…

There were a lot of margaritas to be had!



Since it was a big group party there was a preset menu with 4 choices plus a kid’s menu. All the choices were served with tortillas. Plus chips and salsa of course!

The Menu:

Carne Asada with green onion, guacamole served with beans & rice

Chicken Enchiladas made with green chili served with beans & rice

Pollo a La Plancha grilled chicken with garlic & onions served with beans & rice

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo shrimp sautéed with garlic served with beans & rice

My SIL got the enchiladas

Graduation Party Mexican Food

My brothers both got carne asada

I got the Chicken a la Plancha. Everything was soooo good.

Graduation Party Mexican Food 3

Then we cut the Costco cake and fell into a happy food coma.

Overall: Everything was awesome. I’d eat there again. I’d eat Costco cake again (even though my mom didn’t get the flavor I’d pick). I’d steal some of my brother’s guac again while waiting for my food.

And I’d love a margarita right now. Cheers!

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