NEW Pro Compression Watermelon Socks and Discount Code


I’ve joked that is a love letter to running and watermelon… only, it’s not a joke.

Those are my favorite things!

So I might have had the best freak out when I learned that ProCompression had designed a special compression sock for me!!

Except… it’s available for everyone.

But… they sell out – especially the super cute designs so get it fast!

And… I’m not sure about the fine print, so maybe I shouldn’t say it was designed for me.

However… if it makes me happy to believe that – it’s okay, right?


ProCompression always designs the most fun, bright and cute compression socks. And they’re really taken it to the next level with this watermelon marathon sock!! Love.

(I also love the feel and recovery benefits from compression socks. I’ve posted about this in the past, but today is just about the fun watermelon design.)

You can buy the ProCompression Watermelon socks on their website here. 

And Save 45% with Discount Code: WML45


They aren’t watermelon scented scratch n sniff socks. I had Diego check…

Get the ProCompression Watermelon socks on their website here.  

And I have a discount code to save 45%!! 

Discount Code: WML45


What would be your dream design on compression socks?

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