Question and Answer? May part 2 – Will I Force My Children To Run? How To Stay Motivated to Choose Healthy Eating…


Hello! How’s it going? I have a new round of questions from you and your digital running buddies! These were some amazing questions too! I highlighted a few about egg freezing that are a bit serious, a jogging climate question and more. If you have a question… ask! Email: [email protected] or leave it in the comments on Instagram @RunEatRepeat

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Here is the video with all the questions and answers. Each question will have a timed stamp next to each question so you can view what answer you want… [it’s in brackets behind the question]

The Yosemite Half Marthon is Saturday and is forecasting rain/snow… What do I need? [ 00:14 ]

Layers. Try to continue to be dry before the race starts. Wear a poncho or some thing water-proof to start.

Keep your base layers – sweat wicking gear. Then, layer clothes that are warmer over that.

Your outside layer can be waterproof. Check the temperatures. Waterproof tools can get warm.

Bring a alternate of clothes for the end.

Have fun! Think of it as an adventure!

Egg Freezing Question: [ 2:47 ]

Part 1: What are you planning to do with your eggs that are frozen if you got pregnant naturally?

I would donate the eggs to someone who needed or wanted them… or if no one wants them, I would donate  them to science.


Part 2: What if your partner doesn’t assisted fertilization to have a baby? 



When did you have the highlights on your hair? Looks cute! [ 5:51 ]

I got them about 2 weeks ago! Thank you.


What motivates you to  eat healthy? [ 6: 55 ]

This is a bit of a long answer… I assume intuitive eating and listening to my physique truly has helped. I strive to think about how I feel after I eat some thing or how I choose to feel.

I recommend the book Intuitive Eating if you’re not familiar with the concept.


How do you stay motivated to run? [ 10:30 ]

The eat healthy question was easier!


If and when you have kids, will you have them run? [ 12:06 ]

I suppose  I’ll deal with it in the same manner to how I deal with running with people in my life now…


Can I get a do over on meeting you next time I visit LA? [14:12 ]

Yes! Of Course

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