What I Ate Today– Food Diary


Hello! Today’s Instagram Check in Post is a food diary. It’s been so long since I’ve done a full day of eats… but it feels kinda fun because that’s how most of my posts were. Well they were some running and a lot of eating. Anyway… I’m sharing a day of eats!

What I ate in a day lunch

What I ate Wednesday! Or should I call this Way Back Wednesday since it’s kinda like old times?

Instead of Wordless Wednesday ➡️ I’m sharing a peek into what I ate in a day…
*But you can still Check In and share your workout for today with emojis in my
Instagram post!

What I ate:

〰️ Breakfast: egg white omelet, turkey bacon, english muffin – I put ketchup & sriracha on my eggs.
〰️ Lunch: Cobb Salad – I had an epic cobb in Seal Beach a while back and keep trying to relive it, but it’s not the same yet…

〰️ Snacks! Watermelon, Popcorn, Nuts – if watermelon is in season, I’m eatin’ it multiple times a day.

〰️ Dinner: Mushroom chicken stir-fry, brown rice & Sriracha. – And soy sauce. If I die of some sorta sodium related medical issue – God Bless my salty heart.

〰️ Dessert: Yogurtland

What are you doing today?

What are ya eating for dinner?


what I ate today Snacks WIAW

What I ate in a day dinner


what I ate in a day dessert

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